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Fog Generator

The Fog Generator is an advanced product and it's the antitheft that will protect permanently from any attempted theft.
The Fog Generator is a security system that, in case of intrusion, will saturate with the fog the environment where is installed. The thief, disoriented and afraid by the smoke spread at high density from the Fog Generator, will has not other possibility that escape.
The sight of the intruder will be obfuscated in a few seconds. With these conditions, having a reduced visibility to a few centimeters wide, the thief will tries desperately a way out, no longer having any chance to orient or defend himself.
The Fog Generator is, ultimately, the real antitheft for yours property.

The smoke generated by the Fog Generator is not harmful, not dirty and not affect in any way your assets. To order the room, will be sufficient air the environment.

The installation of the Fog Generator will be easy. In fact, the generator of safety’s fog has been produced thinking to the highest ease of use and integrable in any environment.

Aesthetically pleasant and modern, not disturb in any way the environments in which will be placed. It 's a guaranteed and certified product by qualified experts and, in virtue of the technology it uses, is suitable for any area.
The Fog Generator is in fact recommended for the security and the protection of the private property, as well as any business.

Easy to use, the Fog Generator can be used in cohesion with an antitheft already exists, or it can works individually, with the help of sensors and a radio receiver, according to your needs.


  • For the thieves is a nightmare
  • It’s the definitive solution
  • When the alarm is triggered, the fog spreads
  • The fog is dense, impenetrable
  • The thieves can not view to few centimetres away
  • The fog disorients him, neutralizing
  • In 30 seconds saturated up to 150mq
  • The charging is simple and cheap
  • The technology is perfect, customized for the securityof your
  • Stops the thieves, prevents the theft
  • The fog is atoxic, ecological and not damages property and